Haa Valley is considered the hidden region of Bhutan because it is so magnificently decorated by the pure alpine forests, whitewashed mountain peaks, green valleys, and encouraging historic events. Earlier, only a select few chose to travel to this location to experience nature in its purest form, but with the growth of tourism in the Land of Thunder Dragon, Haa Valley is quickly emerging as a top destination for travelers who want to experience both the beauty and the adventure of trekking and hiking.

Even though Haa is one of the least populated and isolated valleys in western Bhutan, it is only approximately three hours drive from Paro International Airport. The beautiful and gorgeous Haa valley, which shares a border with Sikkim and Tibet, is sometimes overlooked and excluded from the typical tourist itinerary. The air will start to feel instantly cleaner and fresher as the road descends from the Chelela Pass, and the dispersed villages will in fact resemble a mediaeval Bhutan - a valley trapped in time and space as you experience this. Haa is undeniably a quiet, tranquil, high-altitude paradise of Bhutan that receives the fewest tourists due to its location at 2,670 meters above sea level. You will be treated to a breathtaking display of nature's own fireworks in the night sky as the tiny valley sinks into darkness.

Haa, which means esoteric hidden-ness, is one of the smallest districts with the second-lowest population. It is a tranquil and serene valley. Haa valley is pleasant and quiet with clean surroundings and crisp fresh air to breathe, situated beside the river amidst stunning snow-capped mountains. Some communities in this valley continue to practice the Bon ceremonies (an ancient religion worshipping the spirits of nature, including sun, moon, stars, mountains, rivers, lakes and sacrificing animals to appease the deities). Everyone from Haa retains a particular place in their hearts for Ap Chundu, the chief local deity. To thank him for rain, a bumper crop, and general protection, the people perform significant annual ceremonies as well as daily rites all year long. The three magnificent Meri Puensum Mountains, which tower over the surrounding valley, are one of several sacred places consecrated to Ap Chundu.

In addition to raising yaks, which is their primary source of income, the Haapsand people of Haa are strong-boned, hardy mountain dwellers who practice Buddhism with fervor. They are also diligent farmers who raise high-altitude crops including wheat, potatoes, barley, and millet. It is important to live among locals in their houses so that you can see their culture and customs firsthand. Haa Valley excursions were just recently added to the tourism industry, and since then, the valley has witnessed the construction of numerous charming farmhouses that are eager to greet guests and go above and beyond to make them feel at home. The Haa Dzong, a fishery where you may witness Bhutan's renowned brown trout, and a stroll through the small hamlet of traditional dwellings are just a few of the optional tourist options in the valley.

haa valley


The ideal time to explore Haa Valley is between October and November. Mt. Jomolhari and its snow-covered surrounds look their best in the autumn. A trek through the valley would be ideal given the calm weather. You won't be let down by the activities you'll find in this area, and you'll have the time of your life here. You're in for a lot of seasonal adventures.


You can get to Haa Valley using a variety of methods. Here is a list of a handful of them. If you wish to go by road or flight, have a quick look at the following:

By Air : Paro Airport is the closest airport from which you may fly to Haa Valley. The distance between the airport and the valley is 65 km. From the airport, taxis are easily accessible; the drive to Haa Valley by road takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes.

By Bus : There are direct taxis that run from Phuentsholing to Haa Valley. From Thimpu, the trip to the valley takes about 4 hours by taxi or private vehicle. On set days, local buses travel to Haa Valley from Thimpu and Paro. Thimpu is just 114 km from Haa Valley.

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Haa Valley is well known for its breathtaking scenery, which makes it a hiker's paradise. The lovely green surroundings and mediaeval architecture are simply too good to be marvelled at. The Haa Valley has a lot to offer the nomad, whether they want to go on a poppy trail, stay in a guesthouse, visit a monastery, or eat some of the most delicious regional cuisines. The following activities you can indulge with during your Haa Valley Tour:

Go hiking to the Buddhist temples
Take a hike to Haa Chu Riverside
Go on a Poppy trail in the valley
Experience the rich Bhutanese culture

haa valley


Haa Valley is surrounded by such tranquilly that it is impossible to ignore its captivating beauty. There are many little temples and gompas from the prehistoric era as well as beautiful natural features in the area. Here in the valley, amid the continuous trace farms, you can anticipate the straightforward pleasures of life:

Haa Gompa
The Black and White Temple (Lhakhang Karpo and Lhakhang Ngapo)
Dumchung Dzong
Has Samarpudung
Yangthong Gompa (7 km from Haa)
Gyechu Lhakhang / Chhundu Lhakhang (3 km from Yangthong Gompa)
Juneydrak Hermitage
Katsho Gompa – below the Hermitage, Katsho Village

haa valley

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